Kobold AI offers a revolutionary way to generate stories and engage in chat conversations seamlessly. To maximize its potential, it’s crucial to understand how to set it up on your smartphone. This guide will walk you through the process step-by-step, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.


How to Use Kobold AI on Your Smartphone

Download a Light Browser

To begin your journey with Kobold AI, the first step is to download a lightweight browser. Opt for “Always Browser,” available on Apkpure. This browser is tailored to conserve RAM, ensuring smooth operation even on devices with limited resources.


Why Choose Always Browser?

Always Browser stands out for its efficiency and minimal resource consumption. Unlike heavyweight browsers like Google Chrome, it won’t bog down your device, providing a seamless browsing experience.


Access Google Colab Kobold Edition

Once you’ve installed Always Browser, it’s time to access Google Colab Kobold Edition. Simply paste the provided link into the browser and log in to your account. Await the “drive link,” which will facilitate the next steps.

Streamlined Workflow with Google Colab

Google Colab streamlines the setup process, ensuring quick access to Kobold AI. Its collaborative features enable effortless sharing and execution of code, making it the perfect platform for this task.


Run Kobold AI

With the drive link in hand, open it in a standard browser like Google Chrome or Safari. Copy the code provided and paste it into Always Browser. Let the process run smoothly, and ensure to click the Cloudflare link until it opens in your preferred browser. Minimize Always Browser to prevent unexpected closures.


Seamless Execution with Kobold AI

Kobold AI’s interface is user-friendly, making the execution process straightforward. With a few simple steps, you’ll have access to its powerful capabilities right from your smartphone.


Using Janitor AI

For those preferring Janitor AI, the process is equally seamless. Select the chatbot model, choose the desired version, and copy the Kobold API URL. Paste it into the Janitor AI website, and you’re all set to experience AI-driven interactions on your smartphone.


Versatility of Janitor AI

Janitor AI offers a flexible alternative to Kobold AI, catering to diverse preferences and requirements. Its intuitive interface makes it accessible to users of all skill levels.


System Requirements for Installing Kobold AI

Before diving into the installation process, it’s crucial to ensure your smartphone meets specific system requirements. Here’s what you need to consider:

  1. GPU with CUDA Cores: Kobold AI relies on a GPU with ample CUDA cores for optimal performance.
  2. VRAM: Ensure your GPU boasts at least 8GB of VRAM to handle Kobold AI’s computational demands effectively.
  3. Storage Space: Allocate a significant portion of storage space, ideally 10GB to 50GB, to accommodate Kobold AI’s data and resources.
  4. Operating System: Whether you’re using Windows, Linux, or Mac, Kobold AI is compatible with various operating systems, ensuring widespread accessibility.
  5. Network Connection: Establish a reliable network connection to connect your smartphone to Kobold AI. Familiarize yourself with your desktop computer’s IP address for seamless connectivity.

How to Download and Install Kobold AI on Your Smartphone

source: joinative.com

Accessing Google Colab Kobold Edition


To kickstart the installation process, head over to the official Google Colab page for Kobold AI. Follow the provided link to ensure you have the correct source for downloading Kobold AI. Google Colab provides a convenient platform for accessing and utilizing Kobold AI’s capabilities.

Choosing Model and Version


Once you’ve accessed the Google Colab page, it’s time to select the model and version of Kobold AI that best suits your preferences. Ensure to opt for the “United” version to enjoy enhanced features and a seamless user experience.

Granting Access to Google Drive


During the setup process, Kobold AI will request permission to access your Google Drive. Granting this access is crucial to avoid any memory or storage-related issues. It ensures smooth functioning and optimal performance of Kobold AI on your smartphone.

Exploring the Interface


After successfully installing Kobold AI, take some time to explore its intuitive user interface. From generating stories to engaging in chat conversations, Kobold AI offers a plethora of features to cater to your creative needs. Customize settings according to your preferences to achieve desired results effortlessly.

Additional Versions Available


Apart from the United version, Kobold AI offers other versions tailored to specific needs. The Light Version provides a simplified chat experience, perfect for casual users. On the other hand, the API Version is designed for developers, offering seamless integration for advanced projects.

How to Troubleshoot Common Issues During Kobold AI Installation

1. Check GPU Compatibility: Before installation, ensure that your GPU meets the requirements for running Kobold AI smoothly. A GPU with ample CUDA cores and approximately 8GB of VRAM is recommended for optimal performance.

2. Storage Space: Kobold AI demands significant storage space, ranging from 10GB to 50GB. Consider utilizing a secondary drive with sufficient space to prevent any storage-related issues during installation.


3. Installation Process: Follow the installation steps meticulously based on your operating system (Windows, Linux, or Mac). Detailed instructions specific to your OS can be found on the GitHub page for Kobold AI.

4. Running the Application: After installation, launch the application by double-clicking on the “play.bat” file in the KoboldAI directory. Ensure that you’ve followed all setup instructions correctly to avoid any initial startup hiccups.

5. Network Configuration: If you plan to connect to Kobold AI from other devices within your home network, tweak the “aiserver.py” file for easier access. Modify the line as instructed to facilitate seamless connectivity.


By following these troubleshooting steps, you can address common issues that may arise during the installation of Kobold AI, ensuring a hassle-free setup process.

How to use Kobold Ai on your smartphone after installation

Installation and Setup

After installing Kobold AI on your smartphone, leveraging its capabilities is essential. Here’s how to make the most of it:

Accessing Kobold AI

Once you’ve completed the installation process, accessing Kobold AI is straightforward. Simply open the link provided by Google Colab to access the platform directly on your smartphone.

Choosing Model and Version

Selecting the appropriate chatbot model is crucial for your experience. Opt for the “United” version, ensuring you enjoy the latest user interface features for seamless interaction.

Interacting with AI

Initiate your interaction by sending messages to the AI. Depending on the selected model, Kobold AI will respond accordingly. Take advantage of the editing option to refine your messages as needed.

Customizing Settings

Tailor Kobold AI to your preferences by exploring and customizing various settings. This customization ensures the AI’s responses align with your requirements and desired outcomes.

Collaboration and Gaming

Unlock the full potential of Kobold AI by engaging in collaborative content creation or immersive gaming experiences. Collaborate with others on writing projects or delve into interactive storytelling and gaming adventures with AI characters.

what are the steps to set up Kobold Ai on your smartphone

Follow these steps to set up Kobold AI seamlessly on your smartphone:

Access Google Colab Kobold Edition

Navigate to the Google Colab Kobold AI page via the provided link. To prevent server timeout errors, ensure to play the audio button during navigation.

Select Model and Version

Choose the language model that best suits your needs, and opt for the “United” version for an enhanced user interface experience. Initiate the installation process by clicking the play button.

Grant Google Drive Access

Grant permission for Kobold AI to access your Google Drive. This step ensures personalized settings are saved, allowing for easy access and seamless integration with your existing Google Drive data.

Wait for Installation

Patience is key as the necessary libraries download and set up Kobold AI. Once the installation process is complete, Google Colab will provide a link for accessing Kobold AI on your smartphone.

Start Chatting with AI

Open the provided link in a new tab to visit the Kobold AI webpage. Begin your interaction with the AI, exploring its capabilities and adjusting settings for optimal results.

By following these steps, you can effectively set up Kobold AI on your smartphone and maximize its potential for various purposes, including writing assistance, gaming, or collaborative content creation.

What are the Features of Kobold AI on Android?

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Unlock the potential of Kobold AI on Android by exploring its key features:

Writing Assistant

Kobold AI stands out as a formidable writing assistant, empowering users to craft compelling text effortlessly. Whether you’re drafting a novel, brainstorming ideas, or refining your writing style, Kobold AI provides invaluable support. Offering suggestions and enhancing content creation, simplifies the writing process and amplifies creativity.

Gaming Platform

Immerse yourself in captivating storytelling and gaming experiences with Kobold AI’s gaming platform. Interact dynamically with AI characters, embarking on thrilling adventures that push the boundaries of traditional gaming. With Kobold AI, gaming becomes more immersive, engaging, and memorable than ever before.


Facilitating seamless collaboration, Kobold AI enables multiple users to collaborate on writing projects with ease. Whether you’re co-authoring a novel with friends or collaborating with a group of writers, Kobold AI provides a collaborative space that enhances the overall writing experience. Say goodbye to the limitations of solo writing and embrace the power of teamwork.


One of Kobold AI’s defining strengths is its versatility, catering to a diverse range of users across various fields. From writers and journalists to content creators and gamers, Kobold AI adapts to different needs and interests, making it accessible to everyone. Whether you’re exploring AI capabilities or seeking tools for productivity, Kobold AI has you covered.

AI Models

Dive into the world of artificial intelligence with Kobold AI’s array of language models. Tailor your experience by choosing from various models and versions that suit your preferences and requirements. Whether you’re generating text or interacting with the AI platform, Kobold AI offers flexibility and customization options to enhance your experience.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can Kobold AI run on iOS devices?

No, Kobold AI is not compatible with iOS devices due to system limitations.

Is Kobold AI free to use?

Yes, Kobold AI offers a free version with limited features. Premium plans unlock additional functionalities.

What languages does Kobold AI support?

Kobold AI supports multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French, and German, among others.

Does Kobold AI require constant internet connectivity?

Yes, Kobold AI relies on an internet connection for data retrieval and processing.

Can Kobold AI be used for commercial purposes?

Yes, Kobold AI offers commercial licenses for businesses looking to leverage its capabilities for content generation and engagement.

Is Kobold AI suitable for beginners?

Kobold AI’s intuitive interface makes it suitable for users of all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned professionals.


Leveraging Kobold AI on your smartphone opens up a world of possibilities for content creation and interaction. By following the steps outlined in this guide and ensuring your device meets the necessary system requirements, you can seamlessly integrate Kobold AI into your workflow. Embrace the future of AI-driven technology and unlock your smartphone’s full potential with Kobold AI.