QuillBot, an effective writing assistant tool, offers a free version tailored specifically towards students. In this article we investigate its features, limitations, and whether its commercial use would be applicable.


Is Quillbot Free for Students?

Yes, QuillBot provides a free version tailored specifically towards students that features essential writing tools like paraphraser, grammar checker, summarizer, citation generator, and limited plagiarism checker usage – providing assistance with academic writing tasks. This free edition can help any student achieve academic writing excellence!

What Features are Available for Free on Quillbot?

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QuillBot provides several helpful features with its free version, such as: Paraphraser: Rephrasing sentences effectively to increase readability.


Grammar Checker: Helping identify and correct grammar-related mistakes. Summarizer: Condenses lengthy texts into concise summaries.

Citation Generator (simplifying the process of creating citations). Plagiarism Checker (limited usage) (check for plagiarism within specified limits).


Limitations of Quillbot’s Free Version

QuillBot free version offers great benefits; however, it also imposes certain limitations: * Limited Paraphrase Characters: Users are restricted to 700 paraphrasable characters while the premium version provides up to 10,000!

Limited Summarizer Characters: The free version only permits up to 5,000 summarizing characters while the premium version extends this limit up to 25,000 characters for summarization.

Limited Modes: Users have access to only Standard, Fluency, and Creative modes as opposed to having more options with the premium version.

Limited Sentence Processing Capabilities: Users are limited to processing two sentences at one time with the free version; in contrast with up to 15 possible processing sequences on its premium counterpart.


Also note: Only one Word/Phrase Can Be Freezed At A Time in Free Version While Premium Offers Unrestricted Freezing Capability.

Users Are Restricted from Accessing Plagiarism Checker: As previously discussed, only limited users have access to our plagiarism checker, while customer support services are only available during weekdays.


Is Quillbot Available as a Mobile App?

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QuillBot can be found as both an iOS and Android mobile application, available through their respective App stores (for iOS) or Google Play stores for installation. Both versions provide similar features such as paraphrasing, grammar checking, and various writing modes to make use of QuillBot simpler than ever!

Can I Use Quillbot’s Free Version for Commercial Purposes?

QuillBot’s free version was not meant for commercial usage – rather, it should only be used for personal and educational use. If your professional needs require quillBot, consider upgrading to one of its premium plans which provides special features tailored to professional needs.



May I Use Quillbot’s Free Version for Professional Writing?

Yes, provided my work falls within its Terms of Service and Usage Policy.

Do the Premium and Free Versions Differ Considerably from Each Other?


Yes. QuillBot Premium gives users enhanced features and capabilities when compared with its Free counterpart, making it suitable for more intensive writing tasks.

Do students qualify for discounts with QuillBot premium plans?


QuillBot frequently provides student discounts to make its premium plans more accessible and cost-effective for them.

Am I eligible to upgrade from free versions to premium ones at any point in time?

 Yes. Users are entitled to upgrade from their free QuillBot versions at any point to their premium ones for more features and benefits.


Does Quillbot offer trial periods for its premium plans?

Yes, QuillBot typically provides trial periods so users can test out its full feature set prior to making any commitment.


QuillBot provides a free version to meet students’ writing needs at no cost; however, users should be wary of its limitations for commercial usage; those looking for advanced features should upgrade to its premium edition for optimal use.